6633 Arctic Ultra: Training Plan

Here is the second posting of our 6633 Arctic Ultra preparation as promised.

Things hadn’t been great this past week or so with both Tanya and I taking it easy, the cause of this is that we both contacted a chest cold. We see the positive in this as we have not had the flue for ages, and allowing our bodies to fight the virus and build up an immunity will hopefully stand us in good stead in the coming months, including, our time out in the arctic.

Much of our time has been spent planning, and here is an overview of our training program. We have 269 days left to prepare for an adventure of a life time. We have broken our training down into ten cycles, and this is what we will be doing over the next 265 days. Our weekly training distance will peak at 160km’s. Between now and the start of the race we will cover a total distance of 3,707km’s on our legs, ‘depositing’ as much miles as we can. This will be a mixture of running, walking and run-walk training, consisting of walking 371 hours (58,8%), run-walk 140 hours (22,3%), and running 118 hours (19%). This combination of activities will, hopefully, prepare us for the variations we will encounter out in the arctic. To build physical strength we will do 1,045 push-ups, 1,090 sit-ups, 1,000 squats and 874 pull-ups between now and the 4th of April 2018. We will also cycle and row 2,595 minutes all to prepare us as well as we possibly could.

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